Shared Experience of Migration in German-Turkish and Turkish Films
Turkey’s Potential as Future Energy Hub
Comparing Women’s Movements in Different Turkish Cities
Perspectives of parents in and from Turkey on early childhood, child development and parenting
Research Lab: Constitutional Politics in Turkey

Contemporary Turkey Studies

"Blickwechsel" is a term that cannot be directly translated and which contains a double meaning: it stands both for eye-contact and for a change in perspective. It is our aim to contribute to a dialogue across national borders, disciplines, and the spheres of the academic and non-academic public.

The interdisciplinary framework programme „Blickwechsel. Contemporary Turkey Studies" explores in five scientific projects different aspects of current Turkish society, economy, and politics. Researchers at German and Turkish universities work together.

The exchange of knowledge and insights creates a new perspective on Turkey and, at the same time, on Germany; it is only through the interplay of both perspectives that a comprehensive picture can be realised.

Within the three-year framework programme, Stiftung Mercator funds the academic examination of Turkey in Germany and, simultaneously, the interconnectedness of both countries in the areas of research and teaching. The public can also benefit from the virtues of the academic approach: science observes, compares, and analyses – it combines old knowledge with new ideas, explains correlations, and conceptualizes scenarios for the future. In doing so, clichés are broken down and stereotypes are called into question, a process both valuable and necessary for German-Turkish relations, which has had a long history of prejudices. The projects thus share their insights with the non-academic public in various formats.

Sometimes all you need to do is to change your line of vision in order to see clearly.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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