Turkey is an important regional and international actor. Many key areas of European and German politics, such as economic, energy, and climate policy or questions regarding security or migration, reveal a close relationship.

Over three million people with Turkish background live in Germany, thus further strengthening the ties between both countries. The building of mutual understanding necessary for living together and developing common solutions for current issues is all the more important. Knowledge and the production of knowledge through science is an indispensable prerequisite of this understanding. However, until now the academic interest in contemporary Turkey in the fields of research and teaching in Germany is comparably low.

With the programme 'Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies', Stiftung Mercator wants to support academic engagement with the key actor of Turkey. Various aspects of contemporary Turkish society and politics are studied by academics at different German universities together with their colleagues in Turkey. Thus the research programme contributes to a well-informed debate about Turkey while simultaneously strengthening academic exchange and links between the scientific communities and fields of research in both countries.