Event Announcement

09/16/2019 04:30PM

Humboldt University of Berlin, Senate Hall in the Main Building, Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin

The Panel Discussion has been realised as a joint event of the programme Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the German-Turkish Youth Bridge and the Istanbul Policy Center.

On the occasion of the 5-year anniversary of the German-Turkish Youth Bridge, which promotes transnational meeting spaces between young people from Turkey and Germany, the panel discussion focussed on life realities and everyday practices of young people from both countries.

Scholars from Germany and Turkey used their research on spatial practices of young people as a starting point to discuss the following questions: What opportunities for participation do urban areas in Turkey and Germany offer? Which practices and tools are used by young people in both countries and in a transnational perspective to create their own spaces for participation in society? What are the roles of educational institutions, transnational encounter spaces, youth mobility and youth exchange in this respect?


  • Annegret Warth, Mercator-IPC Fellow 2018/19


  • Dr. Verda Kaya, Kulturprojekte Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Demet Lüküslü, Yeditepe University Istanbul
  • Dr. Axel Pohl, Institut IFSAR-FHS, St. Gallen


Axel Pohl studied Educational Science, Sociology and Psychology in Tuebingen, Germany and received his Ph.D. in Educational Science from University of Tübingen – focusing on the construction of ethnicity in transitions to work in the UK and France. Since 2017, Pohl is working as a senior researcher and reader at FHS St.Gallen, Institute for Social Work and Social Spaces (IFSAR), Switzerland. His research interests are transitions to adulthood, education in a migration society, youth participation as well as non-formal and informal education.

Verda Kaya was born in Turkey and grew up in Berlin, Germany, where she studied Social Anthropology, Sociology, Urban and Regional Planning. In 1990's, Kaya started conducting research on subcultures, migration, transnational and urban processes as well as music in Berlin and Istanbul. She wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on HipHop and is the author of the book "HipHop zwischen Istanbul und Berlin – Eine (deutsch-)türkische Jugendkultur im lokalen und transnationalen Beziehungsgeflecht". Currently, she is a member of the directors' board of "Network Migration in Europe" and works as the Participation Coordinator and Curator for the Berlin Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum.

Demet Lüküslü is a professor of Sociology and the Chair of the Department of Sociology at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, France in 2005. Further on, Lüküslü is the author of the books "Türkiye'de 'Gençlik Miti': 1980 Sonrası Türkiye Gençliği" (The "Myth of Youth" in Turkey: The Post-1980 Youth in Turkey) and "Türkiye'nin 68'i: Bir Kuşağın Sosyolojik Analizi" (Turkey's 68: Sociological Analysis of a Generation). Her areas of research include sociology of youth, sociology of everyday life, sociology of education, social movements and cultural studies.

Annegret Warth works at the intersection of science and practical application focussing on international youth work, networking as well as internationalisation. For 10 years, she is doing evaluation, conceptualisation and moderation within the scope of youth exchange between Germany and Turkey. In her Ph.D., Warth is working on youth and social change in Istanbul. As a Mercator-IPC Fellow, she is currently developing concepts and strategies to facilitate local youth employment in Turkey in cooperation with other local actors.

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