CfA – Einstein Fellows Research Group

The Einstein Fellows Research Group (ERG) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) is looking for candidates to apply to the Einstein Foundation Berlin (ESB) "Academic Freedom Programme", which aims to support scientists and researchers from regions that experience subtle or direct restrictions of research.


If you see yourself represented by the following features, you may fit one of our two post-doctoral research groups at HU:

  • Conducting excellent research in one (or both) of the following fields:
    1. Migration and Diaspora
    2. Democracy, Rule of Law and Authoritarianism
  • Interested in teaming up with other Einstein Fellows and scholars at HU
  • Either currently living in Berlin or willing to move to Berlin for the duration of the fellowship
  • The productive stay outside your home country doesn't exceed four years
  • Fulfilling all eligibility criteria of ESB (for details, please see): https://www.einsteinfoundation.de/en/programmes/academic-freedom/


  • Presenting and reporting about your research
  • Co-organizing a public lecture series at HU
  • Regularly attending ERG meetings and the colloquiums of the affiliated institutes
  • Contributing to the conceptual development of the Einstein Fellows Programme at HU

To be considered for our 2021 round of applications, please send your current CV, a letter of intention (addressing current restrictions on your research), and project proposal (2-3 pages) until 22 March 2021 to einstein@hu-berlin.de.
Questions concerning the application procedure can be sent to the same email address.

In addition to the constraints in your work and/or undue restrictions or threats experienced in your country of origin, academic excellence and thematic fit are core selection criteria. The duration of the scholarship per fellow is foreseen to encompass two full years after the starting date. Yet, due to a still pending decision by the state of Berlin that is providing the funds, employment until the end of December 2021 can be ensured as of now, see: https://www.einsteinfoundation.de/en/programmes/academic-freedom/. Grant approvals will be announced in June 2021. Please note that the final decisions concerning both the selection of fellows as well as the extension of their grants will be taken by the ESB, not HU.