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Dear Blickwechsel friends,

2020 has been a challeniging year so far. We hope that you are healthy and managed to adapt to the new circumstances which all of us currently have to deal with.

In line with the measures taken by the Berlin Senate and Berlin Universities as a response to the spread of COVID-19 we had to cancel all events we had planned for this summer. Nevertheless we have some news which we want to share with you in this newsletter.

Most importantly we are happy to announce that on Wednesday, May 13, the online lecture series »Lectures on Contemporary Turkey: Anatomy of a Political Regime« will start. The lecture series is co-organized by Off-University and HU Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies.

The team of Maviblau recently published their book »Şimdi heißt jetzt«. One of Maviblau's team members is our project coordinator Tuğba Yalçınkaya who contributed to the book.

In addition to that this newsletter will inform you about recent publications of members of the Einstein Fellows Research Group.

All the best and – since this is now more important than anything – stay healthy!
the Blickwechsel team

Lectures on Contemporary Turkey: Anatomy of a Political Regime

Online Lecture Series by Off-University and HU Blickwechsel: Contemporary Turkey Studies

In the last two decades, Turkey has gone through major political, social and economic changes with critical repercussions in every sphere of life. Now counted among the cases of autocratic regimes, Turkey is far from being able to find democratic solutions to its long-rooted problems. With this lecture series, we aim to discuss different dimensions of these changes by focusing on constitution and law, the nature and form of the political regime, the relation between politics and religion, state and violence, media and politics as well as pandemic and the production of differences and inequalities. The series featuring eminent scholars will give us a comprehensive analysis of contemporary Turkey.

This online lecture series will be held on Off-University's platform every Wednesday at 5 pm starting May 13.

Confirmed lecturers: Esra Arsan, Fatma Müge Göçek, Ceren Lord, Aslı Odman, Murat Sevinç, Serdar Tekin, Nilgün Toker, Halil İbrahim Yenigün, Aslı Zengin

For more information please visit our event page.

To join the lecture series please register via the Off-University platform following this link.

This lecture series is funded by Einstein Foundation Berlin and Stiftung Mercator.

Şimdi heißt jetzt

MaviBlau has published its first book

For many years our team member and project coordinator Tuğba Yalçınkaya has also been contributing her skills to the association Maviblau which explores the richness of Turkish-German relations through the lens of art, culture and society. In April Maviblau has released its first book:

Şimdi heißt jetzt – Momentaufnahmen aus Istanbul. Eine Sammlung

"The first thing a big city does to us is sneak into their language, and if we don't curse, the curse will fall on our cells." In this collection of personal essays, fifteen authors tell of their encounters, adventures, and crises in Istanbul—lively, honest, humorous, and sometimes melancholic. The interplay of atmospheric illustrations and background information on everyday Turkish culture creates a complex picture of this city in which so many cultural influences, social ideas and individual dreams mix together.

Şimdi heißt jetzt ("Şimdi means now") is intended to make encounters possible. Encounter with new impressions and personal perspectives that arouse curiosity and create connections between Turkey and Germany.

Here you can find more information on Maviblau, Şimdi heißt jetzt and a book review.

Recent Publications

New Publications and Media Appearances by Einstein Fellows

1. Begüm Başdaş:
Begüm appeared in an Interview with Wolfgang Farkas (BIM): "Refugees Are Part of Our Future" (in English) and in two interviews with JIN TV and with Evrensel Web TV (both in Turkish).
Begüm also wrote two articles for Duvar online: Avrupa adalardaki bütünleme sınavından da kaldı
and Başkalarının çocukları ve mazeretlerimiz (both in Turkish).

2. Tuba İnal-Çekiç:
Tuba is co-author of two newly published articles (both in English). One is the chapter "Resistance to urban restructuring in Turkey" in the book "Urban Change and Citizenship in Times of Crisis".
The other one is the chapter "Co-creation of Local Mobility Solutions: Lessons from the Mobility Lab in Hamburg-Altona" in the book "Towards User-centric Transport in Europe 2".
In addition to that Tuba wrote an article for BirGün (in Turkish) in Mid-April.

3. Ayşegül Kars Kaynar:
Ayşegül recently published her study "Hermann Heller on Authoritarian Liberalism and the Form of Democratic State" (in English) and contributed with another article to the book Law and Justice: Critical Law Review, Vol. 25 (in Turkish).

4. Zafer Yılmaz:
Zafer recently published his article "Erdoğan's presidential regime and strategic legalism: Turkish democracy in the twilight zone".

5. Sinem Adar:
In her new position as SWP researcher, former Einstein Fellow Sinem Adar collaborated in the article "Das Flüchtlingsdrama in Syrien, der Türkei und Griechenland" (in German) and published her work on "Idlib's Unfolding Humanitarian Catastrophe" (in English). Sinem also wrote an article for Duvar online (in Turkish).

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