The video above shows the so-called Night March in 2012. Since 2003, the Socialist Feminist Collective of Istanbul has been organizing the march every year on the evening of March 8th. The march takes place at the main shopping street, İstiklal Caddesi, in the district of Beyoğlu, and it is attended by several hundreds of feminists. The song "Olur Olmaz," which is added to the video, was written by the music collective Bandista from Istanbul on the occasion of Women's Day 2012 and has since been heard at many feminist events. To the right you can find the translation of the song.

The 8th of March is central to the study of feminist movements in Turkey: Following the sociologist Foucault, it can be considered a transnational discursive event that concentrates and increases the visibility of women and gender-political positions, including the manner in which they are negotiated (see Niederkofler et al 2011, p.9).

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Lyrics and Music: Bandista (Turkey, 2012)

Let the father, the husband come
Let your police, your state come
Your ministers shall give me my rights
I don't want your scraps

Let the Martians do the housework
Let me keep the broom, if I am the witch
I will have a child if I want to
If I don't, let the line die out

Screw the nuclear family
I have thrown off the shackles
I am no longer a sister, no longer a lady
I will not fit your mold

She does not stay silent about the murders
She does not sit like a pillow in the corner
She does not try to keep up appearances
She is writing history, she is not just an extra

Turn the world upside down
He can beat his chest, he cannot beat you
Let your sisters hear your voice
The women shall take the streets

I cannot stay at home any longer
Take the streets for emancipation
I am no longer a sister, no longer a lady
I will not fit your mold.